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Final Reflection

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Salutations viewers,

For the past 2 1/2 weeks I have experienced new things. Initially I wanted to be in a class where you were able to play sports, and I was slightly disappointed in not getting those types of classes. But in the first day of class, we learned about various subjects. From how to look at things with different perspectives to photography. From the description of the class, I expected hiking and taking pictures, and that’s what happened. But it was so much more then that. We can to look at objects we wanted to take pictures of and the possibilities of taking a photo of one object is endless. All you have to do is adjust your angle and lighting and your picture can look totally different from another person’s picture of the same object.

We also learned about the different patterns nature creates. From fractals to algorithms, everything in this university can be described using one of these terms. Sometimes I look at objects and think of some of these terms. It feels really nerdy, but that’s ok. The most challenging aspect of this was probably some of the hikes. Some of the hikes were not hard, but the trails were very thin, and you can easily fall. It was more a of mental game then a physical one. But I persevered through. I have had a great time here, and I hope it continues on.


Day 8: Exploratorium

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The multiple reflections of me: Mirrors are facing each other in an equalateral shape, and produces an infinite image of the reflection.

Water effect

Squiggly water stream: The squiggly water stream is possible to be seen under a certain strobe light.


Freezing ice patterns: The algorithm of the freezing of the water when it is looked under by a polarized lense.

Golden Gate Bridge

Patriotism: A random eagle statue is placed in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.


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Milk Pattern: Food coloring is placed in the milk. Then we dip a q-tip in soap. Then we place the q-tip in the milk and watch the patterns develop. The milk pattern in this photo is random, and cannot be calculated.


Bugs: The iteration of the bugs around the Apple symbols produces a hexagon.

Optical Illusion

Optical Illusion: In this optical illusion, when you look at the picture straight on, the picture will look normal. But when you look with your pereferal vision, the spiral will move.


Picture 3


Picture 5

Cellular Automate: The way the dots move will depend on their position. They will follow a algorithmic rule and go on to make other patterns.

Day 7: Mountain View Cemetary/Mausoleum

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Mausoleum: The mausoleum is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the west coast. It is a place where the deceased are cremated and are placed in amazing pieces of art.

Water Spout

Water Spout: There are fountains placed all around the Mausoleum, and they are all beautiful.


Gutenberg Bible: The Gutenburg Bible is the first that is printed. I never knew Oakland held a piece as important as this.


Orange Light: The light coming throught the stained glass from the ceiling glows on the floor.

Sierpinski’s Triangle

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Sierpinksy Triangle

Sierpinski’s Trangle: Sierpinski’s Triangle is the fractals of triangles inside other triangles. The triangles are self similar.

Day 6: Leona Gorge/Botanical Garden of Merritt College

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Pink Flower

Pink Flower: The rays of the sun made this flower stick out like a sore thumb. It seemed to have the spotlight in it.

White Plant

White Plant: I wanted to do something different different with this picture. I wanted to make the flowers up close out of focus, and the far flowers focused.


Four Leaves: The four leaves stood out to me from all the possible angles it offered, and therefore being a flexible piece.

Water Droplet

Water Droplet: The water droplet nestled in the plant, barely holding itself together.

Mandel Brot

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Tree BranchMandel Brot: This picture was derived from a program called fractor explorer. In the Program you can zoom an infinite amount of times and receive different patterns. But within the same patterns, the tesselation of patterns will be infinite.