Day 4: Ocean Beach


Ocean Beach: Ocean Beach is located in San Francisco. The beach showed plenty of algorithms, and fractals.


Roots: The flow from the water  makes make a root-like pattern. You can see the fractal pattern repeating and branching out.


Reflection: The reflection from the students bring of the algorithmic pattern of the waves in the water.


Black Sand: The flow of the water penetrates the membrane of the sand, and shows the black sand underneath. The glimmer from the water makes the sand look like marble.


3 Responses to “Day 4: Ocean Beach”

  1. fsndtran Says:

    i particularly like the ‘black sand’ picture because of the fact that you gathered many elements (catching the glint of the water, the motion of the water, etc.) into one picture. the black sands and how it fades into the sand provides the imagery of motion as well as color contrast. great job on this picture.

    on the other hand, the ‘reflections’ picture could have been done better if you had excluded the shoes of the students from the picture and had just left the reflections it would have made the picture so much better. however, given the limited equipment and circumstances, i understand that the possibility of doing such a shot would have taken a bit more effort.

  2. shakirhitsu Says:

    LOLZ the first one looks like a snow frosted ocean

  3. Suneal Kolluri Says:

    You’re a very talented photographer. The pictures of the sand are the most impressive. Good work, dude.

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