Day 8: Exploratorium


The multiple reflections of me: Mirrors are facing each other in an equalateral shape, and produces an infinite image of the reflection.

Water effect

Squiggly water stream: The squiggly water stream is possible to be seen under a certain strobe light.


Freezing ice patterns: The algorithm of the freezing of the water when it is looked under by a polarized lense.

Golden Gate Bridge

Patriotism: A random eagle statue is placed in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.


5 Responses to “Day 8: Exploratorium”

  1. Suneal Kolluri Says:

    The mirror picture is really cool, even though the guy in the picture needs to lift some weights.

  2. Timothy Wynn Says:

    The eagle photo is my favorite. I like how you use the rule of thirds. You gave room for the eagle to look out to. The golden gate bridge in the background also makes it spectacular.

  3. the eagle looks fake.. but i like it though

  4. ilynene Says:

    omg i love picture 1 and 4,4 is a great shot kevin

  5. ilynene Says:

    i love picture 1 and 4, picture 4 is a great shot kevin

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