Day 5: Alameda Beach

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Ripples: The ripples come from the water flow pushing aside the sand like the Red Sea.


Roots: The concavity of the sand from root-like patterns.


Shadow in the water: The shadow in the water brings out the mini waves that are coming upon the beach.


Mini Ridge: The Ridge is covered in sand and host waterfalls of sand.


Day 4: Ocean Beach

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Ocean Beach: Ocean Beach is located in San Francisco. The beach showed plenty of algorithms, and fractals.


Roots: The flow from the water  makes make a root-like pattern. You can see the fractal pattern repeating and branching out.


Reflection: The reflection from the students bring of the algorithmic pattern of the waves in the water.


Black Sand: The flow of the water penetrates the membrane of the sand, and shows the black sand underneath. The glimmer from the water makes the sand look like marble.

Day 3: Lake Merritt/Bonsai Garden

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Bonsai Garden: This Bonsai Garden is located in the Botanical Garden. I have always wanted to go to a Bonsai Garden and it was very intriguing It holds various shapes, styles, and sizes of Bonsai trees.


Bonsai Tree: This is the oldest Bonsai Tree in America. It is over 150 years young, and shows various patterns.

DSC00032Fruit: The lonesome fruit at first seeming like an apple, but then, looking closer you see the glistening flesh.


Cathedral: This Cathedral is located near Lake Merrit. It is very aesthetically pleasing to the eye. In the middle there are steps and a verse is written on the steps that raps around the alter.

Joaquin Miller Park

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River: The flow from the river complementing the light streams from the sun.

FlowerFlower: The isolated flower persevering through it’s green friend.

Horse Tail

Horse Tail: One of the most mature plants on Earth. The algorithmic pattern of its branches stuns to eye.


Wooded Chip Road: The disorganized structure of the wooded chips show an endless road.

May 27th, Digital Photography

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Kevin VoMy name is Kevin Vo and I am a senior at Life Academy. I am going to post up four pictures a day from our hikes from my photography/hiking class. Feel free to give feedback and comment. (Props to Timmy Huynh for my photo. Click on the link to the right to see more of his work.)